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How these metal bands sharing the name with a variant of COVID-19 were inspired by a galaxy system

Heavy metal guitar on fire on a black background with the lettering “omicron” in red capital letters relating to the new coronavirus variant Omicron.
Photo by Dark Rider on Unsplash (adapted)

Until November 26, Omicron was nothing more than the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet and a galaxy system that inspired several metal bands.

Then, a new COVID-19 was named Omicron. The names derived from the Greek alphabet are part of the nomenclature system used by the WHO to identify…

Believe nothing of what you hear and only a fraction of what you see from social media Top influencers

Artificial intelligence social media bots depicting a internet of things botnet framework of followers fraud.
Photo by Alessio Ferretti on Unsplash

Online social networks (OSNs) are now the cornerstone of personal branding campaigns and key hubs for content disruptors.

These platforms offer the opportunity to reach a large audience and allow anyone with the right skills (or funds) to become famous.

I recently found an insightful article titled: “Social Network Manipulation…

This time you’ll get to see the characters as you’ve never seen them before

Screenshot by Rui Alves | Source: ‘South Park Post Covid’ on YouTube

Streaming platform Paramount+ premiered last week a new movie-like unique production of the adult animation series South Park.

The new South Park Post Covid release follows the events of the one-hour-long Pandemic Special addressing the COVID-19 crisis that premiered on September 30, 2020, and the South ParQ vaccination special, which…

If you want to make money writing, you need to buy them flowers.

Photo by Rafael Freire on Pexels

According to Databox statistics, online content writers spend an average of 2–3 hours writing a single blog post.

Then, when we hit publish, the statistics look pretty grim: Your readers will not stay longer than 37 seconds on average per blog post, as 43% of them skim the content.


Drop ideas, get toast

Source: Freepik

In 1949, Sunbeam engineer Ludvik J. Koci invented the ultimate hands-free toaster.

The unmatched innovative design allows you to drop two slices into the slots, and that’s it, you get toast!

The toaster does all the hard work for you, and the outcome is always the same: a golden toast.

Technology helped writing become a hands-free process. However, that perfectly balanced routine that takes place inside the Sunbeam can’t be matched.

Radiating your ideas to a sheet of paper or a white screen will not deliver the same results every time.

Plato knew it is not the eyes that see, but what we see through the eyes.

Thus, inside of you, there are more ways of seeing than what meets the eye.

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Spotify also features Dulce Pontes's new single “Amapola” in EQUAL’s international playlist.

Screenshot by the author | Equal Playlist on Spotify Portugal

EQUAL is Spotify’s global program that promotes gender equality in the music industry. Dulce Pontes is the most recent Portuguese artist to be featured by the audio streaming platform.

Dulce Pontes is a renowned singer and a voice for empowerment, freedom, and diversity. …

I will share one of mine

Image by Karolina Grabowska on Kaboom pics (creative commons license)

Vergílio Ferreira worked for two years on his book “Escrever” (“Writing”) until the day before his death.

The author compiles a collection of thoughts and poetic prose fragments about the great themes he had always dealt with in his great existential novels like “Aparição.”

In addition to his usual tropes…

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