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  • Solskin


    my name is Solvej i love to draw and write stories. i write stories in danish when i come from denmark

  • Victoria poet

    Victoria poet

  • Leah O'Daniel

    Leah O'Daniel

    Creative writer. Sociologist. 9X Top Writer. Old enough to have a skincare routine. Find me on Newsbreak or at www.leahwriteshere.com

  • Praveen Kumar

    Praveen Kumar

  • Melissa Myrenget

    Melissa Myrenget

  • Lavank1998


    change is simple if believe in ur self....

  • Fang B. Ethan

    Fang B. Ethan

  • Stephanie Nicole

    Stephanie Nicole

    Elementary school teacher who writes about education, children/young adult media, childhood, and disability. College graduate who rediscovered anime!

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