Introducing Clubhouse: The Money Making Audio Social Network

What is Clubhouse, the new app that everyone is talking about?

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Even if you aren’t a digital nomad, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Clubhouse. Launched in April 2020, with only nine employees, the audio social network keeps building on that initial hype via an exclusive invite-only Creator Pilot Program available only on Apple iOS.

Clubhouse hosts a community of 10 million users and draws in celebrities like Oprah, Kevin Hart, Jared Leto, etc. You can find them joining the rooms and engaging in different conversations on different topics. Users have described the new social experience as a combination of networking opportunities, panel discussions, and live podcasts.

Clubhouse increased its user base tenfold within two months. Today, there are over 10 million users on the platform. The app initially valued at $100 million has, as of January 2021, an investment interest of $1 Billion. Clubhouse seems to be a striving social media unicorn carving a solid path to strengthen itself as a relevant digital content platform.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social network where users communicate only through audio. In this way, the interaction resembles a live podcast and traditional discussion boards. Thus, it seeks exclusive content to create an engaged community, and we can use it for entertainment or even professional purposes, networking, and even online sales, as noted by Gayle Kurtzer-Meyers in Welcome to the Elite Social Media Clubhouse.

How to join the Clubhouse?

Clubhouse developers' primary goal is to get the social network platform working smoothly on iOS before releasing it to everyone. Presently, there’s no official release date for Clubhouse on Android. Paul Davison, CEO and co-founder of Clubhouse, has recently confirmed that the Android version should arrive “within the next few months.”

However, if your device is compatible, you just need to download the app, launch it, select “Get Your Username”, and fill out the form with your cell phone, name, and desired username. But that doesn’t mean you will already be able to use the Clubhouse — you’ll have to stand in the queue until you receive an invitation.

How do I get an invitation to Clubhouse?

Each user can invite two people to the community — or more, depending on the member’s engagement in the community. Besides, those already in Clubhouse can grant access to people waiting in the queue without spending invitations. This applies to people on your contact list and even strangers.

After you get invited, it’s time to make the most of all the knowledge exchange possibilities. First, set up a profile mentioning your interests in a wide range of topics. Then, it’s time to edit your profile, and don’t forget to link it to social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

How to build a following on Clubhouse

Like any social network, you need to find other users to interact with. As usual, when you join Clubhouse, the platform already shows people to follow. Also, you can search for members by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the timeline.

You’re all set! Now it’s time to socialize. As mentioned before, Clubhouse is a social network where people communicate only through audio. Thus you’ll need to find a room. You can already see which rooms have live discussions on the timeline based on the pre-selected topics of interest. You can click on the magnifying glass icon to search for rooms.

We can also create our Clubhouse room, schedule the discussion and invite participants. The app allows us to configure four types of rooms:

  • Open (public rooms that any user can enter);
  • Social (rooms to which only users we follow get access);
  • Closed (closed rooms with exclusive access granted by the room creator).

Users control the state of play, so after entering a room (whether public or private), we can leave without being noticed, just by pressing the “Leave quietly” button. Without vanity metrics such as comments and likes, Clubhouse focuses on the content debated in each room. Unlike other platforms, it will not make the discussion available afterward.

Final Thoughts

Recently, several tech experts have highlighted potential security weaknesses in Clubhouse, after the app suffered a data breach. A developer designed and made available on GitHub an open-source alternative, allowing Android smartphone users to access it.

There are also reports of personal content leaking from several chat rooms to a third-party platform, although the app’s regulations forbid this practice. This forced the company to apply “safeguards” to prevent third parties from accessing the app’s audio.

Clubhouse may open a vast universe of possibilities for content creators. However, anyone planning to join the platform should know the potential security flaws. Thus, if you move forward and install the app, this is how to protect yourself from malicious applications.

  • Only install applications from official sources;
  • Carefully examine the permissions to which you consent when installing an application;
  • Be wary of recommendations or invitations to an application, even if they come from someone you know. Before installing any application, seek information from reliable sources about the potential risks you may be facing.
  • Consider purchasing a mobile security solution that protects your device from malicious applications or those that do not respect data privacy standards.

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