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Music Festival Review

Gipsy Punk meets Rock and Afrobeat: Reviewing the third night of the Marés Vivas music festival tenth edition

Photo by Philipp on Unsplash

Marés Vivas's third day had a fantastic lineup with Gogol Bordello leading an entourage of extraordinary artists like Billy Idol, Azeitonas, and Ebony Bones.

The weekend was upon us, with around twenty-five thousand festival-goers assembling on the beach near the Douro river. On the Moche Stage, we had HBM with their relaxed funk and good vibes to warm up the public. Afterward, Virgem Suta had the biggest audience at the secondary stage.

Main Stage — Ebony Bones

Opening the main stage came eccentric diva Ebony Bones to kick off a great night. Colored smoke rising from the state gave a mysterious and theatrical aura to…

‘They believed in their country when their country no longer believed in them.’

Theatrical release poster on Wikipedia | Artwork by the author | Screenshot from ‘Go for Broke!’ on YouTube

Go for Broke! is a stunning award-winning war film based on real events nominated for the best screenplay Academy Award in 1952.

Dore Schary produced the film in 1951, which was written and masterfully directed by Robert Parsh. Go for Broke! portrays the day-to-day life of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, which was formed in 1943 by a decree from the U.S. President, Franklin D. Roosevelt: “The proposal of the War Department to organize a combat team consisting of loyal American citizens of Japanese descent has my full approval.”

The 442nd became the most decorated combat unit in American history…

The true story of the Brooklyn plumber who defied Nazi propaganda at the Madison Square Garden

Isadore Greenbaum and family in 1943 | source: HAMEC Blog

The date is February 20, 1939, George Washington’s birthday. The stage is set up in the enclosed arena of the Madison Square Garden, New York. Before the spectator’s eyes, the uncanny scenario is a pastiche of the events known as the Nuremberg rallies (officially Reichsparteitag, in the literal sense “National Party Meeting”) that took place on the other side of the Atlantic in Germany from 1923 to 1938.

The centerpiece of the background decor is the giant figure of George Washington. Beside him, two banners emblazoned with the American flag. And next to them, two shields with a swastika. …


Stop giving head and start blowing his mind: 10 breathtaking techniques to make him nut without losing your breath.

Photo by Jonathan Daniels on Unsplash

There’s no science about giving head; blowjobs suck! Says the guy that has lost count of how many blows he took to the head.

You will get around 20 million hits in about 0,49 seconds if you google “blowjob science.” I will bet that +90% of these so-called “blowjob science” articles are nothing more than bro-science gibberish written by bald men in their forty’s like myself.

Wow! That’s a lot of discussion about something that the average human being can take from soup to nuts in just 3-4 minutes or less, with the best performance outcome lasting from between five…

Music Concert Review

Reviewing the second night of the Marés Vivas Music Festival

Photo by 🐣 Luca Iaconelli 🦊 on Unsplash

The second day of the Marés Vivas music festival promised great musical moments and, indeed, for many festival-goers, it was the one with the most appealing line-up. On the Moche stage, The Eleanors were the opening band with their refined Indie Rock, chiseled in filigrees of pure charm. Next, Slimmy was up to share a lot of energy and irreverence.

Later, the main stage would open with the ankylosed GUN; then, it would be time to commune with The Cult. At the same time, it was not time for Shirley Manson to tear our guts out and feast on hearts…

Beloved is a new publication for everything relational

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Beloved is my latest publication on Medium. For months, I pondered my plan to introduce a more relational webzine about love and relationships on this publishing platform.

“Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.” — "Love One Another," by Khalil Gibran

On May 21, I learned how my favorite publication for all heart affairs was closing down in a surprising turn of events. …


Introducing Portuguese Metalcore from Castelo Branco

“Fire” cover art | artwork by Thirdsphere


Band: Thirdsphere
Album: Fire
Release date: March 5, 2011


This review will focus on Portuguese metal, namely, the EP Fire released by Thirdsphere, a metalcore quintet from Castelo Branco.

This music project, whose roots date back to 2007, had been touring the stages of the Portuguese underground circuit with just a demo tape when they decided to work on this record.

Thirdsphere follow along the dark alleys of extreme metal and manage to demonstrate high proficiency at an instrumental level, continuously investing with a considerable dose of power in what concerns, for instance, the guitar work.

Moreover, Nuno Cardoso’s growls…

Throwback to a beach in Portugal where once a year you could enjoy concerts with bands like The Sounds, Wolfmother or Franz Ferdinand

Marés Vivas Music Fest | Photo by Rui Neves on Pixabay

Marés Vivas Music Festival takes place at Cabedelo beach in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. Once a year, before the COVID pandemic, the stage was set on a unique scenery on the banks of the Douro with the Atlantic ocean on the horizon.


The first day of the Festival promised great rock outbursts, and, as we approached the venue, the electric crispness of André Indiana and his Blues Band echoed, playing the acid notes of “Love Me Two Times” by The Doors. …

Paying tribute to the most decorated combat unit in American history

The 442d Combat Team | Bruyères, France | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Yeiichi “Kelly” Kuwayama goes down in history for his valor beyond the line of duty, as a WW2 combat medic from the valiant 442nd Regimental Combat Team, the most decorated unit in American History.

Kelly won a Silver Star, a Purple Heart, the Italian Medal of Merit, and later was named a Knight of the Legion of Honor on behalf of the Allied government, an honorific title bestowed to those who fought for the liberation of Europe.¹

Growing up in New York City

Kuwayama was born on June 1, 1918, in New York City. A child of World War I, he grew up during the great…

Rui Alves

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